Thursday, April 4, 2013

busy, busier!



I am shooting out an email to say I have so many blog posts in my head including more about that adorable round house post I just did and a visit to my dear friends fiber farm!


But, with the wedding quickly approaching, spring starting to show up and homeschooling and 6 children and… I think you get the picture :O)


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What have you been up to?  It is STILL quite chilly in Michigan…




HomemakerAng and Co.


Mrs. Mac said...

We have been unusually snow free the past several weeks. Grass is greening and perennials are showing a little growth. I can't wait until next month to plant my summer garden. Happy wedding planning.

Amanda H said...

I'm caught up on your blog since you've moved out to your beautiful 40 acre farm! That's right, I sat here and read the whooole thing from the beginning up until the present- and I've loved every post! I saw you for the first time ever on WifeSwap and I just had to start from the beginning! I think you are wonderful and I really can't wait to read more about what you're up to! <3

Homemaker Ang said...


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