Saturday, June 1, 2013

a visit from my friend Holly... and our next SALE June 14 and 15th!

I have gotten to know so many great people at our SHOP The Maple Valley Farmhouse Sales!

I just happen to be blessed with 2 amazing ladies who fill the shop each week.

We have another SALE!  come spend the day with us!  I offer farm danish, coffee, italian waters, wonderful lunch (vegetarian and gluten free choices as well)

SHOP The Maple Valley Farmhouse JUNE SALE
June 14 9:00 am - 7 pm
June 15 9:00 am - noonish

Here are just SOME of the photos of SHOP The Maple Valley Farmhouse below.  We have so many wonderful unique things to offer :) from prairie style, rustic, repurposed, shabby and more!

Make a day of it and also visit Black Sheep Farm just a few miles away!  They are open at the same time!  You will also love what Jo has to offer in her adorable shop in a quaint Morton building on her peaceful farm.  If you love prims, she is your gal!  Look at her things:

My friend Holly from Haviland Fields also snapped these photos below this past Thursday of our farm.  A special treat was meeting her sister Michelle xo

 But I want to meet you too!  How 'bout you come out to our next sale at the farm :)

all photos by Haviland fields

and Victoria, your introduction is coming up!  Check out The Barn in Rockford and also see her at our SHOP The Maple Valley Farmhouse Sales xo


Cary at Serenity Farms said...

Was that Holly I was visiting with wearing the cute dress??? I wanted to meet here and then didn't even know I had - ugh, my mind was a jumble that day!

But much better after a visit and a shop at your lovely farmstead store ;)

Haviland Fields said...

You are as cute as pie Miss Angie!! I LOVE the FARM and our FRIENDSHIP!! Both hold a special place in my heart! je t'aime

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