Sunday, June 9, 2013

the most perfect wedding e v e r ...

the most perfect weather
the most perfect setting...  by the pond at Maple Valley Farm

 I will blog about all of the wonderful details later…  my plate is full of blessing and my heart is so overwhelmed in a deep and passionate way of all of the beauty and blessing and favour of yesterday that God bestowed upon our beautiful girl on her wedding day! 

 But until I can write all of this down, see for yourself God’s fingerprints a l l OVER yesterday

Photos by my friend Holly of Haviland Fields...


HomemakerAng and family


Jennyr said...

Congratulations to your whole family! Our oldest daughter was married on January 19. It is an unbelievable blessing when they find a man of faith to share their lives with. I spent weeks and weeks recovering from the overwhelming sense of joy and relief all at the same time. Life is a little calmer now. it is monumental when you help your babies fly!

Vintage Rose said...

I am lost for words as the photo's are so beautiful I have tears in my eyes. Looks like you all had a lovely are truly blessed day.

Voice For Virtue said...

Hi Mrs Kuncaitis. I was just wondering how you keep perishable foods cold without using electricity? And what church do you go to? Thanks, Nebraska's Homemaker-In-Training

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