Friday, September 20, 2013

are you a "morning mom?"

I am not a "morning mom" are you? My mornings go best when breakfast is made or VERY well planned the night before. The children are always hungry before they even wake up  We have been having a ton of apple bread (easy recipe) and boiled eggs for breakfast since we started our school year. In fact, I have another apple bread/cake baking right now for the kick off of deer hunting season (youth hunt) tomorrow. What are some easy things you make for breakfast? Do tell me xo


In the spirit of farming, family and faith,


HomemakerAng and Co.



Tonya said...

Sounds Amazing! Could you post a recipe of the Apple Bread? I usually do eggs in a basket or have batches of pancakes in the freezer for kids to warm up themselves!

Katy said...

I am very much a morning mama! I am up at 4 or 4:30 (naturally). I go to exercise class for an hour at 6 and then come home to shower, have breakfast and get ready for schooling while my husband and children wake and do chores and have breakfast! :)
Bedtime comes and usually this mama is asleep before the kiddos! ;)

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