Tuesday, October 15, 2013

family photo's above taken by Dan Johnson Custom photography

its our 5 year anniversary today at Maple Valley Farms!

God has been so gracious and merciful to this family of 9 xo

a great blog post coming tonight :)



Renata said...

Hi Ang
Congratulations on 5 years!! We moved to the farm the January of 2008 so 'celebrated' 5 years at the beginning of this year! I haved loved following your adventures these 5 + years. Thank you for sharing with us all!
May the next 5 years be filled to overflowing with blessings for you all!
P.S. I love the photos & seeing how much you've changed!

Deborah Stewart said...

Happy Anniversary! We are the lucky ones cause you share your wonderful life with us..

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