Sunday, September 14, 2014

Everybody wants to love

Yes, I have fallen off the blogger wagon as some would say.  Truth be told, it feels I just fell off that darn stinkin’ wagon of life.  And yes, I do wear my heart on my sleeve to broadcast this announcement to the mean old world, the vigilantes of the social media sphere…   
There have been so many changes this year beginning with our precious daughter’s marriage…. Now let us add the sale of our beloved Maple Valley Farm (but this was such a God thing that we are still celebrating), the sale of my 99 year old Grandmother’s home that she abided in for 60+ years, our next daughter graduating from our homeschool, the death of my beloved said sweet Grandmother, (who always said that, “You don’t always get what you want" #truedat) our son working full-time this summer and the move of my parents up to our north country.  Some changes have been bad (the loss of things in my life) (I have been the recipient of some internet venom, scorn and black beast) but there are just so many blessings (my parents moving within minutes of us – been over an hour away for most of our 23 years of marriage) (New grandbaby) (being in a German documentary) (My husband working for such an amazing company of integrity that I have ever seen) (an awesome church family that we can call home) (Our freedom in Christ) (to many things to list here of course- God is so good) God is so good!  Compared to the current world problems, precious people losing loved ones at young ages and real tragedy we have a perfect darn life...
*And the partial truth:  I think I have been hiding because I just cannot seem to bare one more negative dumb thing... 
“But here, here is the real stinking truth:  Life changes, we must adapt to this whether we like it or not.  In life, not everyone will like us or even love us for that matter but this is life!  People and friendships can change and it is o.k. to move on and to go to different levels in our spiritual growth while leaving others behind or they just do not want to follow along.  Life is full of learning… The internet and social media are not r e a l life… Yo, Facebook is not real life peeps…As I tell my children, “Sometimes today is not just a new day, but this minute is a new moment to turn it around”.  I am choosing to have a new moment with God still driving us…. I am choosing a new day with God hauling us around in a huge 10+ passenger van with kick butt tires all over this life on this imperfect weird and amazing planet because our family is cool and big like this…  And I am no longer hiding...Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn… and sometimes people are mean" 

And, yes we do not start paragraphs with and but I am doing this.  And these two sentences do not make a paragraph .  . …..

AND, if you are not a fan of ours this is completely A.ok with us but also know if you post negativity here you are not welcome.  Don't be creepin' around here and why for heaven’s sake are you even reading or following us if ya be hatin'? We will promptly delete your comments because I truly know you have much better things to do than waste time on this stinkin’ internet to dog us just like I do not have a ton of extra time to pin cute aprons and couches on Pinterest.  Anonymous comments will not be posted. Let’s all get a life shall we xo ? 

This is not a fight starting post.  This is a , "from this day forward post" on how things are going to go on here from here now on :) 

just a few pictures from the last few weeks 

I am no longer hiding, I am embracing change, I am brave because I serve the One that is the creator of this universe and loves me unconditionally with a grace I could only hope to grasp 10% of the understanding in my lifetime…

"Happy is the heart that still feels pain
Darkness drains and light will come again
Swing open up your chest and let it in
Just let the love, love, love begin"

Let us love one another shall we xo

God’s drivin’ still… in this kick butt van...
Who is coming along?

In the spirit of farming, family and faith as always,

Xo  HomemakerAng +9  and counting 


Joannah said...

I'm still here, friend! I love your perspective and wisdom. Hopefully, those who would criticize you here have found something else to while you were away. <3

Jen Menta said...

It is so refreshing to see a family pursue Jesus, love of family, and simplicity. None of that has changed for you and it remains the core values you live by. I enjoy the encouragement in raining a blessedly large family and loving every moment. I gain such joy in seeing your family grow. Let the haters do bring encouragement to way more people than you are misunderstood by. Welcome to the other side :)

A Blessed Life said...

I just love that! - “Sometimes today is not just a new day, but this minute is a new moment to turn it around”.
I'm a fan of your blog. Glad to hear you are moving forward with such a positive attitude.

Michele said...

You keep doing what you are doing! As my grandmother use to tell me...don't let the turkeys get you down! ;) Be blessed!

maggiegracecreates said...

Well spoken. I live in a tiny tiny town - with some tiny tiny minded people - who think that their tiny tiny way is the only only way. My social media posting is always an attempt to be positive. I try to post pictures and comment reflective of embracing tiny beautiful moments everyday. Congratulations on your grandchild - and prayers lifted for your losses.

I'll be reading and cheering you on from this internet fan section down here in the southern US ---

Life is beautiful --

Kim said...


I am so sorry. I am sad and a little angry that people are so mean. It reminds me of what Beth Moore said this weekend, "She has never received one negative letter for a non-Christian. All of her negative mail comes from sisters and brothers in Christ. How. Can. This. Be?!!! It makes me sick.

I love you. I am so glad you are back. May you days be filled with joy from now on.

By Grace Alone,

Alice said...

Dear Angie,

I'm so sorry some people give you a hard time. It just isn't necessary.

Congrats on all the changes! We visited your "old" place twice but have no idea where you've gone.

Remember us from Martin? We also don't live there anymore. We moved to "the city" in GR. Also closer to aging parents and closer to more things as we are also getting older.

Not sure if you remembered me or not.
Alice D.

DIAN said...


Pillar of Truth Christian Church said...

Amen. Well said. The whole social media thing is getting creepy. I understand the "changes happening thing" The last three years have been that for us too. Some the same and some on different levels. I decided that instead of just fighting them, I would embrace the season God has brought. We continue to have relationships come and go, some VERY difficult. People make choices, we choose God. Would love to catch up with you guys one of these days! Lord willing. Blessings, Renee

Anonymous said...

I posted under a previous one, so sorry. Missed your posts/blogs. So good to see you back again.

dayna64 said...

I have been a fan of your blog for years. I even like to go back and read blog posts from years ago. I was saddened to hear that you sold the farm. I know life brings lots of changes and we all have to go with the flow. Also, shame on the people who make negative comments. If they don't like your blog or agree with what you post, then they need to just go away. I also "liked" your facebook page too. God bless.

Renata said...

Me! I'm coming with you :)
I'm sorry you've been criticised. I've been wondering how you are going. I'm excited to see your posts :)
Have a lovely day

April said...

So sorry you've had to deal with negativity, but so glad you're back! You dear lady, are an encouragement to many:) Excited to read about your new adventures on the Maple Valley Homestead.

April said...

So sorry you've has to deal with negativity, but glad that you're back. You are such an encouragement, dear lady:) Looking forward to reading abut your new adventures on the Maple Valley Homestead!

matty said...

There are always going to be mean people, you know? My very wise lawyer made this comment: "Never fight with a pig; they like it too much and you get dirty." We have pigs and I can say this is so true -- pigs and people! Letting our light shine in the midst of nastiness is the best witness! Be strong and of good faith!

pinkcamojeep said...

Just a note to encourage you. Don't you just hate trolls and haters who have no life so they want to spit their negativity on others? SO glad that you're being brave and coming out of hiding.

I blog, too, and have been in hiding from a meanspirited bully. I, too, am tired of hiding. Sometimes, I guess it's okay for a season to let things and settle and for us to figure out what matters and what - or who - doesn't.

Be brave! Be courageous! Be yourself!

Much <3,

- |<@ren

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