Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Folk art - smoke art.... pssshhhh

My creative home... The studio of "Angiepologie"...  Where I create... complete with a barn, water and pieces of my heart...

Sometimes my art, its what I call, "smoke art" and yes I am rhyming with "folk art"...



#sew #paint #rest #create #meet and repeat

layers of my soul placed carefully,






What is folk art?

There is a true definition:

folk art

artistic works, as paintings, sculpture, basketry, and utensils,produced typically in cultural isolation by untrained often anonymous artists or by artisans of varying degrees of skill and marked by such attributes as highly decorative design, bright bold colors, flattened perspective, strong forms in simple arrangements, and immediacy of meaning.

Yeah that...

I am the artist girl that has, "produced 'art' typically in cultural isolation by untrained often anonymous artists"... Yes, this is yours truly...  What I feel "folk art means" is that you are your own "artist" without a lot of training...  Yes, this is me xo  It really should be called, "Smoke art"  #fakeartists if you will... Yuhp xo

The best part is that I have my own studio... My studio of "Angiepologie." The studio still sits on the property of our beloved, "Maple Valley Farm..."  - Complete with its own barn and scenic pond...  #blessed #beyoundmeasureandwaymore

This is the place where I am free to be me!  Am I an artist?  Not really.... But I do have a creative passion and this has to count for a few things, right?? #folkart

I have always loved the term, "Folk art..."  It describes me in many forms of life... Including my spirituality....  Yes, even in my spiritual walk I am, "marked by such attributes as highly decorative design, bright bold colors, flattened perspective, strong forms in simple arrangements, and immediacy of meaning."  Thank you Lord for still #drivingthisthing  but I still need more of you xo

In the spirit of farming, family and faith,

HomemakerAng and Co. xo

Loving this #puremichigan fall xo


Donna OShaughnessy said...

Great photos and great colors. You are so inspiring!

Mandy said...

lovely pictures. Curious what you did on the blue walls in your studio. Light paint? stain?

Abagale Wyma said...

I miss the cottage... you have everything decorated so cute :).

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