Hats off to the real farmers of America tonight!
If you have not figured it out by now we have moved more suburban like. We took "some" of the farm with us on our 3 1/2 acres here - gardening, one duck (plans for more on our pond) and our best friend, our border collie - Mable! (smh - not a real farm) We still have a ton of privacy which of course I LOVE! We also have more property to do more other places. However, what I find so fun is that I can walk safey for exercise and to Panera and Starbucks (Red cups don't bother me).
Many people ask me, "Well, don't you miss farming?" I want to answer this question now publicly. I miss many things about farming for sure. I miss the 80 + cattle we watched waiting to give birth while praying the bull did not trample us. I miss our 2 Belgian horse teams that cut our fields of hay, plowed our driveway, helped us with our ice house by moving tons of ice, helping us lift heavy loads of wood for our 2 stoves. I loved helping birth stuck calves, milking 5 cows by hand (the children were the best at this and did this faithfully twice a day). I loved seeing our customers every week with our CSA and milk shares. I miss selling our grass fed beef to restaurants and our fresh pork and delivering it with our children in our rusty 12 passenger van. I miss growing edible flowers for restaurants and delivering them with our meats and seeing the happy faces of the local chefs that choose our farm because they had dinner at noon with our family and eating fresh e v e r y t h i n g right at our table. I miss late haying nights with our team of horses with head lamps and oil lanterns stacking bales in the barn lofts. I miss teaching our classes at the farm of making fresh cheese from raw milk that we milked together, kombucha classes, making real soap and homemade bread from a cookstove and more. I miss living close to our Amish friends. I miss our sheep and a few goats that were fun and friendly. I miss the chickens that we had - at one time we had over 100+ I LOVED seeing our God provide miraculously for this family of 8 time and time again while we earned our living 100% from farming! Our family did this t o g e t h e r for our complete income for almost 5 years on 40 +acres. 
I do not miss finding our son in a field in a blizzard after being run over by a team of horses and wondering if he would be aeromed out of it. I do not miss seeing our best milking Jersey cow being stung by 1,000's of honey bees and dropping dead in an instant. I do not miss putting a horse down and paying $300 to have it buried after expensive vet bills. I do not miss getting so ill I could not walk without a walker and having blood clots. I do not miss 2 chimney fires in the kitchen. I do not miss getting free dental care once a year where only one person per day could go and you waited 6 hours to have our teeth cleaned but I was so thankful we could! I do not miss running 3 wood stoves to heat water and stay warm or doing laundry in a wringer washer and getting my hands stuck in it and swearing. I do not miss all of the questions about our decisions but I would do everything all over again - every part of it. (Another post for another day though is I find it interesting people do not question you any longer when you seem to blend in to society smile emoticon - I never want to be normal btw)
I do not miss our complete livelihood depending on if cucumbers grew or were frosted. Yada Yada... This was real people. Real life... not just some pretty pictures staged perfectly. I never prayed so hard for a cucumber to grow as when we lived on the farm - our lives literally depended on that cucumber surviving so that we could sell it for .75 cents!!
This post is not to discourage new or wanna be farmers either. We all should know how to grow our own food and livestock in some capacity the way this world is going. Truth be told, I could light a wood cookstove like nobody's business TONIGHT and pressure can my beef on it TONIGHT. But, heck, 40 acres is really not a "real" farm either when see the real farmers of America! 
Our neighbors had hundreds if not thousands of acres that they farmed 7 days a week 16+ hours sun up to sun down to make a living. Many days they would drive my our heirloom corn that was open pollinated and it failed by comparison to there 100's of acres of perfect field corn! Yes, they are and were the real farmers of America. 
I as so thankful that our family had a 5 year period to farm for a living - all 8 of us, giving it our blood (some gave more), sweat and tears but mostly JOY! TONS of JOY!! The children saw so much happiness when we made the least amount of money in our lives because we did it together. Tears flow as I write this post! These years are some of the most precious of our lives! Daddy was home 24/7 working and eating with us all of the time. 
But lets get one thing straight - we did farm for a living... 100% living. It wasn't just a few acres with a couple goats and chickens. We HAD to get up every day on our small 40 acres that we owned and work the land. We made the least 
We failed a lot but we learned more each time we failed! I love to see the zeal in peoples eyes that are starting on a few acres to have some fun, get a few acres and fool around with the idyllic idea of farming. 
However, my respect goes out to the neighbors I mentioned above... Right now, as I get in my hot bath tub, drink a glass of wine and get to bed at a wonderful time, my husband has a job that every day is guaranteed an income every day. But I know, the real farmers are STILL out there working for at least 6-8 more hours! These are the real farmers, not me and not you smile emoticon This is all!  ‪#‎HATSofftofarmers‬ xo ‪#‎dirt‬
ps. Do not be surprised though if we but another farm smile emoticon
pss. I have my force fields on
Kim Brooks Vance So good....and I love and appreciate the truthfulness of your post.
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Sheryl Couturier Love you guys!!!!
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Michelle Thurkettle You should be proud of who you are and what you have done, God has blessed you in many ways
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Joannah Labrador I think you're amazing! All of you! smile emoticon
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Jenni Presley Schafran I think it is amazing to see what experiences your family has gone through. Definitely not for everyone. Your family has gone through a lot but the stories you can tell and the people you have met, how can that compare. (Especially us.LOL) I look forward to see where God is going to take the Kuncaitis family next.
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Tammy Resseguie Love your family's story and love your family heart emoticon Did you ever write that book? I think your story needs to be shared (on more than Facebook!)
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HomemakerAng the book is pretty much written. i am scared to publish it smile emoticon
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